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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my non-stick products?

If you've purchased a high quality non-stick product it's important to care for it correctly to ensure that you maintain the non-stick coating to get a long life from your product.  The key things to be mindful of that can damage your item (and likely void your warranty) are:

  • Using olive oil or oils from spray cans.  Many olive oils have a low burning point and spray cans may not be distributed across the product evenly leading to spot burning.  The burning oil can damage the non-stick surface, significantly reducing the life of the item.  We recommend using alternative oils (such as rice bran or nut based oils) that have higher burning points and are much less likely to cause damage to the non-stick surface.
  • Placing non-stick items in the dish-washer.  While modern non-stick products are being advertised as being dish-washer safe, the continual use of 'intense' wash cycles may reduce the life of the non-stick product.  As such, we recommend hand washing (it's non-stick so it should be an easy task!).
  • Using utensils that are not designed for non-stick products (e.g stainless steel).  The use of harsh utensils or cleaning tools on non-stick product can cause damage to the non-stick surface.  Make sure that you pick up some silicon or nylon utensils if you don't already have some.  It's a relatively minor expense to ensure that you get the best out of your non-stick items!

At the end of the day, modern non-stick products are very resilient and will provide many years of service to you, the points made above are very simple to follow and will keep your non-stick items in top shape for many years.


How do I care for my wooden cutting board?

When cleaning cutting boards it's important to remember not to leave them soaking for any period of time as they may warp and no longer sit flat on your table top.  We recommend using warm soapy water to clean up any mess and then rinse and dry the board immediately.

As boards age they will pick up the smells and flavours of all the things that have been used on them.  To sanitise the board use a mixture of salt and lemon juice or vinegar to wash the board, let it soak for approximately 10 minutes on a flat surface and then rinse and dry.

If your board is looking a little aged, you can apply a small amount of food grade mineral oil or coconut oil to rejuvenate the surface.  

How do I care for my cutlery?

Over time your cutlery may have watermarks, rust spots or 'rainbows' appear.  This is usually due to the cutlery not being dried completely after washing.  In order to prevent these from occurring make sure you dry the cutlery well after use (if it's your favourite entertaining set!)

For your everyday cutlery that goes in the dish washer or sits in the drying tray, you can use a metal polish (these are available from most hardware stores) to remove the marks and make the cutlery look great.  Simply follow the instructions on the polish and then wash and dry the cutlery.

What can I spiralise? (a.k.a I'm tired of zucchini noodles!)

Spiralising is a great way to change the way we eat vegetables, however, people often aren't aware of just how versatile the spiral slicer is.  When purchasing a slicer, we recommend picking up a cook book dedicated to spiral slicing.  There are more and more books becoming available on the market and many of these include guides on how to use the spiral slicer and many great recipes!

If you are new to spiral slicing, a good tip is to ensure that you slightly soften hard vegetables (think root vegetables like carrots, beetroots, parsnips, etc.) using the microwave.  Allow these to cool first and they will be much easier to process.  This way you won't brake the spiral slicer (or your arm).

Can I get a refund?

If a product you purchased from a Box&Barrel Homewares store is damaged, faulty, unsafe, or is not fit for the purpose specified then we will happily provide an exchange, refund or an in-store credit at your election.

You will need to provide your proof of purchase and we will need to inspect the product to determine the nature of the problem. Our returns policy recognises your statutory rights under law.

If you simply change your mind and return the item within 30 days, we will happily exchange the product, provide an in-store credit or refund as long as it is unused, in the original packaging and suitable for resale and you provide your proof of purchase.  Full details of our change of mind policy can be found here.